Editor / Writer / Communications Expert


Thanks for dropping in to check me out. Please bear with me while I brag on myself a bit. It’s not my style, but this isn’t the time or place for shyness — I’m making moves in new directions.

I’ve worked at major newspapers and magazines in New York and and elsewhere. I’m an award-winning magazine animal — senior executive, editor, writer, and turn-around artist. I’ve specialized in leading A-plus regional magazines and travel guides that excite readers, attract advertisers, and energize stakeholders. I have a proven track record of managing publications that are on mission, on time, and under budget.

A former boss recommended me by observing that I put out magazines that were better than they needed to be. To which I can only plead, “Guilty as charged!”

Outstanding writing ability is my core competency. When I got out of the office to do some reporting of my own, the resulting articles were of the utmost national-magazine quality; in recent years I’ve written freelance articles on culture, the arts, and travel.

In recent years, I served as the Director of Communications for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was an honor to advocate for a Mayor and a City Hall team that promote progressive policies for a town I love. The pandemic created an urgent sense of mission about providing effective, timely public health communication. In making the shift from the writerly world of magazine publishing, I developed new skills in creating sharp newsletters and press releases and handling media relations as a government spokesperson.

Immediately prior to that, I worked for clients in fields as far-flung as the law, group exercise, hospitality, and adventure travel. Everyone can use expert help telling their stories with high-quality storytelling and packaging.

Please feel free to envision and inquire how a pro at the peak of these powers of content creation and communication can contribute to the success of your enterprise.

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