I’ve been an editor first and writer second, but I’ve accumulated a few bins full of clips—reviews, newsy stuff, travel writing, profiles, lifestyle pieces, and editor’s letters. Most of it ran in publications that employed me, but I’ve also freelanced for titles like Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, and Martha Stewart Living.

These features demonstrate my preoccupations with music and travel and big personalities. The International Regional Magazine Association named the Turner piece Best Travel Article in 2016. The Tom Russell profile appeared in New Mexico Magazine. Writing about the Belizean musician Andy Palacio was heavy. An admirable figure who was a hero to his people, Palacio died of a stroke while I was preparing the story. The safari guides piece from Travel + Leisure identified an ethical and generational shift that was most exemplified by Jackson Looseyia, a Maasai guide who went on to become famous as a presenter on the BBC’s Big Cat Diaries. He credits this piece with launching him on that trajectory, which is gratifying because he’s another figure who’s had a historic impact in his field.

I talked about the backstories to the Turner and Palacio articles on this podcast: bit.ly/DaveWritingTipsPod

Click on the image, read the pdf.


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