What’s Your Story?

I can help you tell it.

In this information-saturated world, discerning professionals recognize the critical importance of representing their messages with a polished voice that cuts through the clutter to make an impactful impression. As the editor/brand manager of lean publishing operations, I crafted tight mission statements and ensured that every piece of the puzzle was on brand and on mission — the editorial package, website, social media, media kit, press releases, house ads, subscription pitches, items for sale, communications with customers and clients … all of it.

Creating branded content that I can believe in comes naturally to me, and not just in publishing. For example, I have worked work with an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases; I helped tell his clients’ stories in human, convincing terms that elicited favorable judgments and settlements.

As an editor, I learned long ago how to write in other people’s voices. Now I’m helping clients write and edit their own books, including how-to and memoir. What’s your story? I can help you tell it.

The folks at Uncharted (formerly Outside GO), a leading luxury adventure tour operator that was affiliated with the Outside/Mariah Media company, are keenly aware of what I bring to the table. I have worked on their newsletters and press releases, and wrote, re-wrote, and edited their editorial-style online catalog. It took me back to the days when I was writing and editing safari stories for Travel + Leisure.

Click in the cover and check it out. It’s a trip.

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